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Everyone is FLARTing!

April 3rd, 2009

I’ve recently had some interesting dicussions with my friend John about the possibilities of Augmented reality + video projectors for live events. In addition to my recent research with SwisTrack and Blender3D I’ve jumped on the bandwagon with every other flash developer and tinkered with the FLART toolkit. I havn’t gotten much further than a working compile of the source with a few custom triggered events on my own patterns, but when I get around to cracking open Blender and get a few of my own models and textures exported to .as my I can probably motivate myself to do some more experiments with it.

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Zend amf and wamp

November 23rd, 2008

I’m familiarizing myself with Zend Framework 1.7 and it’s fancy AMF abilities. Ideally, adhering to to the model-view-controller design will facilitate mobile or flash-less users to interact in some ways with an application without requiring much recoding. My PHP coding skills may be slowing me up a bit, but I’ve recently made some good progress…

Update: Unfortunately, encountering pitfalls can sometimes be more demoralizing than overcoming them is satisfying… I think I’ll stick with the simpler AMFPHP 2 for a while. It can’t be too hard to migrate the services if the need should arise. For now I just need to hack some stuff together. Technical debt be damned!

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